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The Glamis Castle has been the home of the Earls of Strathmore for more than 600 years. The castle alone is a place where there are many Scottish events that take place because it represents many things of the Scottish culture.

People know that Glamis Castle is a historical place where they can get together with family and friends and laugh, have fun, drink, and eat some delicious Scottish foods.

There is a lot of history to learn upon visiting the Scottish castle and those that live and work there take pride in telling visitors everything that they would want to know about the history of the castle.

There are always tours that take place at the Glamis Castle. You will not only be able to tour the inside of the castle, but you can also explore the gardens and take a tour of those as well.

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People are able to schedule a variety of different celebration events at the Glamis Castle, including lunch parties, weddings, large dinners, and private receptions.

Although there were a lot of historical events that occurred at the Glamis Castle, that does not exclude the fact that there were several alterations that took place in order to keep the castle looking fashionable and comfortable to satisfy the needs of the Strathmore family.

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Glamis Castle & Gardens

Mary Queen of the Scots visited the castle wither royal group in 1562. The main Tower is where the East Wing is located and it was added there in 1435.

During the 17th century is when most changes in a short period of time were done to the castle. This would include the building of a courtyard, chapel, and other parts of the building.


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