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Another name for the Glasgow Cathedral is called the High Kirk of Glasgow. Today the Glasgow Cathedral has become the gathering of the Church of Scotland and in Glasgow.

The history of this cathedral really dates back to the history of the city it resides in and is so called located where the saint of Glasgow Saint Mungo built his church. In the lower crypt you can find the tomb of Saint Mungo located.

In general the building can no longer be looked upon as a cathedral because it has not had the seat of a bishop since the year 1690. The current congregation has become part of the Church of Scotland’s Presbytery of Glasgow and the cathedral is located north of high street beside the Glasgow royal infirmary. The University of Glasgow was another addition to the cathedral and it was founded in 1451 and the primary foundation came from William Trunbull and Bishop of Glasgow.

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Glasgow Cathedral

Classes were started within the precinct of the Glasgow Cathedral. The chancellors of the university were served by the bishop of Glasgow, which happened for about two hundred years. In 1460 was the year the university moved out of the Cathedral to be placed in an adjacent site. Today Glasgow Cathedral is an active Christian church and the architecture can be looked upon as a great enjoyment. Over the years you can find many different events such as Music recitals that have taken place at the Glasgow Cathedral.

It’s a tourist attraction with a lot of history behind it. There are some similar cathedrals to the Glasgow Cathedral which are called St. Andrews Cathedral and this cathedral is Roman Catholic. The other cathedral is named St. Mary’s Cathedral which is a Scottish Episcopal and the Greek Orthodox cathedral is called St. Luke’s Cathedral.

There many different lists of ministers such as Archibald Inglis, William Taylor, and William Morris were just 3 of many ministers to be a part of the Glasgow Cathedral. Some important burials have also taken place in this cathedral which include Robert Wishart who was a Bishop of Glasgow and James Law who was an Archbishop of Glasgow.


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