Golfo Ártabro – Atlantic coastline around La Coruna

Golfo Ártabro is formed by four estuaries found on the northeastern side of Galicia. These estuaries are the A Coruna, Ares, Ferrol and Betanzos. All the four estuaries are a reflection of a historical land in Spanish that was originally inhabited by Arabtro. The estuary of A Coruna is precisely located on the mouth of River Mero and the region has a great and wonderful personality.

When organizing a trip to Spain and in Golfo Ártabro to be precise, one of the cities that you will definitely not miss to visit is the famous A Coruna city. It is reachable through the areas royal gate and it is a quarter of rich history and home to some of the most cherished art galleries in Spain. This is actually what has come to define the region and transform it to what it is currently.

Photo by Dani Chan León

Golfo Ártabro

There are so many structures that you can find in Golfo Ártabro starting with the Hercules Tower which is one of the most emblematic features of the region. In fact, its popularity is not only confined in Spain as this structure is one of the few standing lighthouse structures in the world. While standing at the Hercules tower, you get the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views of Golfo Ártabro composed of an extremely beautiful landscape. On the other hand Bentazos is an ancient town that served as the capital Galicia and it is situated on Mandeo estuary. You will find the Santa Maria church, Gothiac sculpture and many other priceless metal collections. The estuary at Ferrol has a unique funnel shape which makes it one of the most attractive natural ports in Spain and in the world.

The economic life of Golfo Ártabro is largely agriculture as the fertile land and climate supports growth of crops especially fruits. Fishing along the coastline is also common and shell fish caught make up a larger proportion of the region’s gastronomic life. Golfo Ártabro makes one of the most enjoyable destinations in Spain to visit as it is located spectacularly along estuaries and the atmosphere in the area is superb. This is one of the regions in which when there is no rain, most people like keeping outdoors all day long as they enjoy the natural setting of the locality. Everything at Golfo Ártabro can be said to be fairly good ranging all the way from good beaches, fantastic natural harbours, great nightlife, and top sea foods especially shellfish, entertaining museums and cool architectures. It is a wonderful region for a great holiday vacation.

Photo by fernan alcoba

Hercules Tower, La Coruna, Spain

Golfo Ártabro also has some excellent beaches where visitors enjoy sun bathing and water sporting. Authentic towns surround the area and as the tourists enjoy themselves at the beach, life in the towns is all about farming while some engage in fishing activities. The climate in Golfo Ártabro supports a lot of touristic activities as most visitors really like to escape to the region during hot summers. Winters are mild and not as cold as in most parts which also makes Golfo Ártabro more competitive in terms of tourism.

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