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Gothenburg is a large city consisting of a population of about 500,000 inhabitants. It is located on the west coast of Sweden, along the Göta River. It is a town sought out by many students (over 60,000) who visit Gothenburg due to its university, which is the largest one in whole Scandinavia.

Gothenburg is famous for its rich history and friendly people. It was founded in the 17th century during the reign of King Gustav II Adolf. The town once housed the largest ship construction industry in Sweden. Nevertheless, with time, increased competition worldwide saw the closing of many dry docks.

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Consequently, most of the harbors in the inner area were transformed into education and high technology centers. Today, Gothenburg is the second largest town in the country, renowned for hosting sporting events of international caliber, conventions and amazing concerts.

In the past, Gothenburg had few posh cafeterias and fashion houses. However, the reconstruction of indoor malls and fashion houses has recently transformed the city into a far more attractive destination.

Information for tourists can be obtained from two offices located in Nordstan and Kungsportsplatsen. Travellers ought to acquire a city pass in order to enjoy the town’s sites, museums and grand houses. In addition, the pass gives tourists the opportunity to benefit from free parking areas, as well as free bus and tram trips.

You can reach Gothenburg by taking a flight, or through other means that include trains, cars, buses or ships. Furthermore, one can get around Gothenburg using public transport which consists of ferries, buses and trams. In addition, there are several taxi services and elaborate paths for bicyclers who wish to paddle throughout the city.


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