Gotland – popular destination among Swedish holiday-makers

The province of Gotland is in fact one of Sweden’s islands, and is associated with the Baltic Sea and the region of Götaland. Gotland was initially a kingdom which, in medieval times, played an important role in providing a stop along essential trade routes.

However, after the Danish war that occurred in the 14th century, the island of Gotland lost its significance along with being taken over by the Danes. The island thereafter became Swedish in the 17th century.

Photo by morner

The island of Gotland is renowned for its dated attractions that include old farmlands and more than 90 churches- all of which display different styles of architecture. In addition, the province has a population of 50,000 living here all year round. Visby alone, one of the largest cities in Gotland, consists of more than 20,000 inhabitants. Moreover, during summer the town gets even crowded due to the significant numbers of tourists.

The dialect in Gotland can be easily recognized although most people living in the island understand and speak English. The medieval week held in the month of August provides its visitors with an interesting show of Middle Age culture, and participants are prompted to actively participate by dressing up in medieval attires.

One can get to Gotland either by plane or by boat. The car is the most convenient mode of travelling across the island, and if you’d prefer to drive a vehicle yourself, do not that car hire services are available in Visby. If not, the area is serviced by buses as well.

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