Grand Canyon – one of the most beautiful natural parks of North America

I suppose that everyone knows the colourful rocks of Grand Canyon. But just some of the people know that the local area was declared a national park already in 1919 and such it is one of the oldest national parks in the U.S.

Grand Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural parks of North America. It lies in northwest Arizona, near the borders with the states of Utah and Nevada. Five million visitors are coming here every year to admire this miraculous creation of nature. But do not worry, there is enough space for all of them. The area extends to almost 5000 square kilometers. Tourists come here especially for the red-brown-gray-white rock formations which appear in different shades depending on the impact of light. 1700 meters deep and 450 kilometres long gorge, sometimes reaches up to 30 kilometres wide, is a mosaic of steep walls, side canyons, scenic plateaus, gorges and temples.

Photo by Enrico L. 

Grand Canyon Sunset

Through the whole park flows the Colorado River, which originates in the Rocky Mountains and flows into the sea at a remote Mexico. This jewel of nature has been created by this river, which more than 6 million years cut a way through the layers of sedimentary rocks. Not surprisingly, the Grand Canyon is very often included on the unofficial list of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Most of the visitors arrive on the southern edge of the canyon. This is slightly lower than its northern side, but there are accommodation services available, tourist center and 3-D projection in which you can enjoy a view of the Grand Canyon from the air. The indisputable advantage of the 16 km distant northern edge is the smaller number of tourists. Between the northern and southern edge you can move by the shuttle can carry. There are hiking trails leading from the both sides of the canyon to its bottom. But once you decided to go to the bottom on foot, take plenty of drinking water with you, because cases of sunburn and dehydration are, unfortunately, not unique. If you decide to stay overnight at the bottom of the canyon, it is possible, but you must announce your intention to park managers.

Southern edge of Grand Canyon is open all year round. Visitor Centre, located on the northern edge, is due to snow conditions only open from mid May to mid-November. The entrance to the park costs $25. This fee applies to all the passengers and allows free access to both parts of the park throughout the week.

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