Greek islands – where the summer dreams come true

If you want to escape to a sunny country, which will surprise you with its hospitable people, comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches, if you dream of quiet dinners or loud parties, then Greece is the most suitable place to make your dream a reality.

It is popular and pleasant destination for a summer vacation and right now the prices are really low and everyone can visit it without spending a fortune. Check below some of the most suitable Greek islands according to your needs and desires for unforgettable summer relaxation and fun.

Santorini Island – the best island for lovers of photography

Why you have to visit Santorini if you are big fan of the photography? The panoramic landscapes are really a lot and the quiet and picturesque villages scattered around the steep volcanic cliffs will give you huge opportunity to make some of the best pictures in your life.

It is really romantic place where you can enjoy some of the best relaxing days in your life. Other islands that you can choose for a romantic summer vacation in Greece are Crete and Mykonos.

Photo by alexandros9

Paros Island – if you are addicted to water sports

Paros Island is a less popular holiday destinations, but offers fantastic conditions for water skiing. With its fascinating beaches, favorable weather and calm sea waters, Paros has become over the years a popular place for all who seek more water adventures and fun.

Skiathos Island – for all beach maniacs

The green mountain tops and the mysterious blue bays make Skiathos Island really unique place. It is the home of some of the finest beaches in Europe. One of them is Big Banana Beach – really long beach covered with white sand and surrounded by enchanting scenery.

The beaches here are more known for their natural beauty rather than the various opportunities for entertainment. If you are looking for authentic, heavenly spot for sunbathing, Skiathos Island is the perfect choice. Other similar to Skiathos islands are Corfu, Crete and Paros.

Skiathos island photo
Photo by vanilllaph

Skiathos island, Greece

Mykonos – for perfect summer party

Mykonos Island is the best Greek Island if you are looking for summer vacation with never-ending parties and opportunities for adventure. Mykonos Island is a place for young people who love to dance and drink refreshing drinks under the warm Greek sun.

So, if you are looking for quiet and peaceful vacation, then Mykonos isn’t your best option. The party is nonstop and you will see really a lot of interesting people coming from all over the globe.

Rhodes Island – shopping time

Whether you are looking for locally produced goods or handmade embroidery or leather, or maybe you want something modern, Rhodes is your best choice. The lovely narrow streets of the old town of Rhodes are the best place for quality shopping. It is really amazing feeling to shop in the town after a hot day at the beach.

Naxos Island – ideal for relaxing and quiet vacation

Naxos Island is an ideal choice for people seeking tranquility in life. Nothing can be compare to the beautiful beaches, clear waters and stunning town where you will find nothing more than a few lively taverns where you can have some fun at night.

Do not expect loud nightlife on that Greek island. If you are attracted to the fun, then it’s better to visit Kos and Mykonos.

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