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Amazing waterfalls hidden in the forests of Hájska valley (near the road between the villages of Háj and Hačava) are among the most beautiful natural creation in the Slovak Karst National Park.

The highest of the waterfalls measures more than 6.5 meters, but in addition there are three more, about 5 meters high waterfalls and several smaller ones. Sounds of falling water and the beauty of untouched nature makes a visit to the eastern Slovakia truly a unique experience.

If you are visiting the European capital of culture 2013 – Košice and also want to explore the city’s surroundings, Hájske watarfalls are one of the most recommended places to see.

Hajské waterfalls can be found in Hájska karst valley near the road linking the villages of Háj and Hačava. This road was built by Italian soldiers in 1912.

Hájske waterfalls photo
Photo by Orbis-Pictus

Hájske waterfalls, Slovak Karst National Park, Eastern Slovakia

The total length of Hájska karst valley and gorge is about 4 km and the trip along the stream takes about 2 hours. Valley separates the two easternmost Slovak Karst plateaus – Zádielska and Jasovská plateaus.

Hájska stream that flows through the valley, created a gorge and travertine dams with set of 9 waterfalls of various sizes raging from 1 to 7 meters and they are still changing depending on the weather and precipitation.

In winter the waterfalls freeze and create ice walls, and icicles.

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