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On the island of Faial in the Azores archipelago, you will find the city of Horta which has a long and enchanted history associated with it. Throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the port of Horta was the main anchorage site for countless galleons headed to destinations throughout the globe. Today the port and marina are the home for a wide selection of some of the most luxurious yachts.

The city itself was first colonized back in the 16th century but has since flourished to become a popular destination hotspot for many travelers from all over Europe and the world. The name of the city comes from the blanket of Hortenses, which cover the island during June and July of every year. These beautiful pink flowers only add to the beauty of the surrounding countryside. The famous explorer Captain James Cook even wrote in his journals of the beauty of Horta when the flowers were in bloom.

You will find several museums in Horta to visit and learn about the rich and colorful history of the city and the island. Then of course there are the numerous historical sites throughout the city dating back to the 16trh centuries. But of course the most popular attraction in Horta is going out on an excursion to spot for whales, giant sea tortoises as well as dolphins.

Don’t forget to check out the active volcano on the island, Capelinhos. This volcano last erupted in the 1950s and destroyed a lighthouse which visitors can see today, still embedded in the long since cooled lava flows. Sit back and enjoy your stay in Horta, take in the rich sunshine and enjoy the mixture of seaside cuisines that can be found at the various restraints and taverns located throughout this colorful ancient port town.

Photo by antonioVi (Antonio Vidigal)




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