House of Dionysos – an incredible tourist attraction in Cyprus

Found in the historic and beautiful town of Paphos, the House of Dionysos is an incredible attraction for tourists. It is so named because the main floor of this 2nd century house originally boasted an incredible mosaic depicting Dionysos (the Greek god of wine) riding a panther. The house is located on a small hill that overlooks the town.

The house is located in the Archaeological Park which is open to visitors every day. It has been restored and the roof has been replaced to protect the mosaics on the floor from the elements. Originally the house would have had several floors but the upper floor has collapsed.

Photo by mharrsch

Mosaic of a Lion and cupids between Dionysos and a Maenad recovered from the House of the Centaur in Pompeii Roman 1st century BCE-1st century CE

If you are visiting the House, why not make the most of everything else the Archaeological Park has to offer? It is located close to the harbour and the town centre and entry is only a few euros. There is so much to see. The Paphos Lighthouse stands in the park and you can climb to the very top for some amazing photos of the Odeon which lies not far away. The lighthouse can be seen from all over Paphos which gives an idea of the height. Getting to the top is not for the faint-hearted!

If you enjoyed the House of Dionysus, the Villa of Theseus offers a vast array of archaeological finds including more mosaics and stone pillars.

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