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The Balearic Islands should be your destination if you wish to mark Ibiza on your travel itinerary. It is said that the maximum length of this island via the highway is only 42 kilometres, but that doesn’t make it less renowned. The place is home for about 111,200 people, and includes famous cities like Ibiza town and San Antonio.

The official language of this island is Catalan or Balearic Catalan, hence all sign boards are associated with it. However, the language spoken by most of the people living here is German or English, the latter being completely understood by the majority of the island’s inhabitants.

IBIZA photo
Photo by Gustavo Garijo

You can get to the island via different channels. If you want to travel by air, you can easily do so. Aer Lingus carries flights from Dublin, British Airways bring tourists from London, and carries flights from Copenhagen, Rotterdam, as well as Amsterdam.

Smaller airline companies can also be contacted for a trip in this direction. You can also travel by boat, complex information being easily accessible through the internet. Keep in mind that there are boats sailing towards Ibiza all year round.

Once you’re in Ibiza, you can use various transport services as buses and taxis are available along with car rental services. Once you choose your preferred means of transportation, you can go ahead and explore the best of what Ibiza has to offer.

Here you can go parasailing and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island. Not to mention the exhilarating nightlife along with its Ibiza-style mega parties!


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