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Île de la Cité is a French natural island. However France boasts several islands this island is different. It is located right in the capital of France, Paris, and right in its medieval city cetre.

It is one of the only two remaining natural islands of Paris which is why it is so much important and also very famous among the people not only in Paris or France but among the people all over the world.

Visitors and tourists are very keen to visit the place and the island for its natural beauty and now it has become a habit for too many people to spend their holidays in this place amidst natural beauty.

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On the Seine river, in the middle of the city, are two natural islands. Smaller one is Île Saint-Louis (on which you can find the narrowest house in Paris), and the larger one is Île de la Cité. You can have the best view of them while cruising the river.

Ile St. Louis is one of the little-visited places in Paris. Thanks to this you can feel really relaxing atmosphere here and it is also sometimes referred to as one of the most beautiful places in Paris.

While Île de la Cité is visited by a lot of tourists, because the island is definitely worth a visit, not only during the day but also at night, when it’s becoming the main center of night life.

Isle La Cité is the oldest settlement area of Paris. It also stands for one of the most important cultural monuments of Paris – Notre Dame. The only metro station on the island is Cité station

Île de la Cité is a home to three medieval buildings – The Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, Sainte-Chapelle and The Conciergerie prison and if you are heading to Paris, you should start your tour around the city right here.

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