Jostedal Glacier National Park – walk on glacier in Norway

One of the top things to do in Norway is to go and see a glacier, or even go for a glacier hike. The best place to do this is at Jostedal Glacier National Park.

The enormous blue-green glacier here is suitable for hiking on for people of all abilities, and guided hikes range from a short one suitable for all the family to a more challenging one taking you through some incredible blue ice formations.

Photo by Fjmc65

The best way to see the glacier is to go on a planned hike with a guide. These are available for small groups, and for the shortest and least difficult hike the minimum age is 6, so even reasonably young children can enjoy this amazing one off experience. You don’t need any special hiking equipment, but you will of course want comfortable shoes, warm clothing and sunglasses. For the longer hikes (the most challenging takes around five hours) you will also need to take provisions.

Other activities are also popular in the Jostedal Glacier National Park, including glacial lake kayaking and white water rafting, though for these you will need to hire equipment and there are certain requirements in terms of age and ability.

The Jostedal Glacier National Park is reached by ferry from Oslo, and on the ride there you will get to take in even more breathtaking scenery. Whether you want high energy activities or family fun, or simply to see some beautiful natural sights you won’t see anywhere else, Jostedal is definitely worth including on your trip to Norway.

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