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Kensington Palace was known to be an enchanted palace. However during the year of 2012 it was transformed into a place where many people from all over the world could come and visit and see everything about it that is fascinating as well as what makes the palace a place full of history.

The State Apartments act as a back drop for the palace. There is currently a £12 million renovation taking place in certain parts of the Kensington Palace to make it a more interesting place to explore. The rubble of what has been torn down has release several different secrets of the Princesses that once resided at the Kensington Palace.

Photo by vampire-carmen

The main part of the journey of the palace is various stories which have been unfolded about the Princesses. People will be able to imagine their lives and see things for how the princesses’ lives were on a day to day basis at the palace.

Here you will find that there is a story of one rebellious princess that ran away from marriage with one man to be with the one that she truly loved. Another story describes how Queens bore children but was sad when they lost their babies.

The stories which are true make this a more fun experience for the tourists. The tourists can use their eyes to see through the art to find clues about the stories being told and their ears to intake the information given by the tour guides. The tour is certainly one that many would remember for a life time.


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