Kilkenny – Ireland’s Mediaeval Capital

Kilkenny is known as Ireland’s Mediaeval Capital; it offers visitors a real mix of sparkling night life, beautiful architecture, fantastic shopping and opportunities for real historical learning.

The history of Kilkenny is long and interesting. The Tourist Office is a must-stop for any visitor; it can tell you everything and anything about the history of Kilkenny and is in itself a tourist attraction. There are too many things to name that you can see in Kilkenny but the highlights are Kilkenny Castle and Gardens, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Maudlin Tower, Black Abbey and Roathe House. There are sightseeing tours around the city to take the work out of being amazed by the beautiful city, too.

Kilkenny Castle photo
Photo by Edward Dullard Photography. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Kilkenny Castle

Of course there aren’t just things to see here; there is much to physically do as well. The Craft Council of Ireland, opposite the castle, is full of exhibitions and opportunities to watch crafts people showcase their skills. The theatre in Kilkenny has some sort of show or musical event on most nights of the week, and in summer Nowlen Park hosts a major concert. Walking the Canal in Kilkenny is a beautiful and romantic way to spend a sunny afternoon, shaded from the sun by old trees and mills.

Shopping in Kilkenny is extensive — famous for its handcrafted goods you can find many unique and quirky items at a very reasonable price. There is also a good mix of restaurants offering traditional fare and luxury meals, as well as some more tourist friendly food.

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