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You may not have heard about Klis Fortress that is located in a village with the same name near Split in Dalmatia. If you explore the origin of this fortress then you can find that it was developed by ancient Illyrian’s tribe Dalmatae. Then after it was transformed into a royal castle, many of the Croatian Kings spent their life here.

While reviewing the location of Klis Fortress, you can see two big mountains around the castle named as Kozjak and Mosor. The castle lies between these two mountains and acts as their separator. At the same time it provided optimum protection for Dalmatia against Ottoman Empire. It is also known as a key crossroad between Balkan and Mediterranean.

Littoral Croatia and Prince Mislav are known as the makers of Klis Fortress and then it has served many rulers of this state. If you want to get visualize the exact location of this fortress then it is eleven kilometers from Adriatic Sea between the two mountains upon the 360 altitude. Moreover, you can see the three cities from the top of this castle, Roman Salona, Trogir and the twons of Kastela and Solin. Now only these cities but you can also look upon the islands of central Dalmatian.

The Kis Fortress has been an important focus point for every army as it is the key place to control the state of Dalmatia, Bosnia and inland Croatia. It is also known as the best example of defensive architecture in the state of Dalmatia. It contains three rectangular long defensive lines with strong defensive walls to help fight against opponents.

Photo by Ivan Galic


Picton Castle


The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

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