Ko Kham: What To Know Before You Go!

Ko Kham is a dream. In fact, it’s part of a dream that is shared by countless visitors and expats in Thailand. That dream is to take a boat from one deserted island to the next. To spend every afternoon lounging on white sand beaches and swimming in crystal clear waters then sleeping under the stars. When you are mapping out your dream trip, don’t forget to add Ko Kham to your itinerary.

The basics

Ko Kham is a tiny island close to Ko Mak in the Trat Province, close to the border of Cambodia. The island can be reached by a kayak or you can even just walk over during low tide. You can also take a ten minute longtail boat trip from Ao Soun Yai for 200 baht. The price includes round-trip transportation, entry to the island and a cold water or soda on arrival. It’s a pretty good value for a day in the oasis that is Ko Kham. You can get all of the details and options from the Koh Mak Resort.

The beach

Ko Kham is all about the beach. The white sand lining the shore is lush and perfect for lying in and burying yourself under every day of the week. Rumour has it that the sand was imported in from Dubai. Since Dubai has already had most of their own sand imported in, I doubt that. And, ultimately it doesn’t matter anyway. The sand is there and it is perfect.

The water

By far and away the most popular activity in Ko Kham is snorkelling. Bring your own gear from wherever you are coming from and prepare to make a day of it. Head for the water that is just off the south beach. The sea is calm and the water is full of lava rocks, beautiful shells, and a stunning array of fish. There are black sea urchins near the rocks but don’t worry about them. While the locals might tell you that they are lethal, they are basically harmless. They will most likely leave you alone but, worst case scenario, their sting is just irritating and won’t really bother you for long.

The essentials

Don’t come to Ko Kham expecting an array of amenities. There are a couple of small shops that have basics like drinks and snack food but don’t expect to spend the evening at a seaside restaurant. It is bare minimum here and that is part of the charm of Ko Kham. The island is meant to be preserved exactly as it has been for countless years. So, bring your own food and pack your snorkeling gear. Come to take in the natural beauty of the land then leave it just as you found it.

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