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Kornati islands can be described as features that have a beautiful nature. The islets and islands are countless, and those that live close to them claim that for each day of the year you should visit one islet or island.

When the magnificent sea is included, what you are presented with is a destination that is beautiful and one that is characterized by numerous boats and excursionists.

If you are a yachting enthusiast, then Kornati is the Promised Land. There are numerous covers that present the boaters and fishermen with shelters that are safe. However, note that the submarine zone is one of the areas that are under the protection of the national park. Therefore, to avoid complications, you need to make enquires on the amount that you need to pay, and other things that may be unclear to you.

The karst phenomena are the one that abides the islands. These islands also abound with caves, crevices, gullies and are also a natural habitat for a variety of birds’ species. These islands can be described as an experience and pleasure that is unique to everyone with an interest of bathing in the sea which is crystal clear. It is also ideal for individuals that appreciate quietness and peace, including those who feel enthusiasm towards eco-tourism where no modern facilities are present.

Photo by Antti Tassberg

Kornati landscape by Antti Tassberg

If you are a visitor and you lack familiarity with yachting, this is the right place for you to learn it. The reason is that Kornati islands act as schools for yachting and this occurs in a place with attractive environment.

From all of the Kornati islands, the largest one is Kornat and it is from this island that this archipelago’s name originates. Vela, Kurba, Piskara, Vrgada, Zut, and Sit are the other islands which are also larger in size. The area that is covered by cultivated land is very small and this area has fig trees, vineyards, and olives. The islands are rocky although some thin grass covers them and on these islands, you will also find Mediterranean scrubs, and rare trees.

The causes of erosion have been overgrazing, the sea, fire, and sheep. Owing to erosion, the islands have been deprived of the primeval luxurious vegetation, and this has even made the folks to relocate to islands that are more hospitable.

Photo by Freddy Adams

Croatia – Sailing boats, Kornati islands by Freddy Adams

Some of the islands that are bigger were inhibited in the Neolithic age, and it was by the Illyrians. Wealthy families from Venice and Zadar have claimed to possess the larger islands.

There are permanent habitats that can be associated with Kornati. However the current owners who are from the larger Dalmatian islands visit the Kornati periodically to tend the olive groves, and their vineyards and they also bring their sheep there so that they can graze. The island is surrounded by the sea which is of fish and other marine life.


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