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Romantic landscape covered with green cypress trees and featured with the gurgling river with cascades, huge waterfall and deep canyons. This is how we could briefly describe a landscape around Krka river in the Croatian Dalmatia, proudly protected by Krka National Park.

The most beautiful karstic river Krka has its source near Knin, and after 72 kilometers long way flows into the Gulf of Šibenik. The river is home to about 18 fish species, of which ten are endemic.

Krka has also become home to more than two hundred kinds of birds, and on its banks you can find about 860 kinds of plants that grow here. A very rich fauna and flora are the main reason why in 1985 the area was declared a national park.

Beauty of Krka National Park attracts thousands of visitors annually. Yet most of them are satisfied only with a tour of the small and easy accessible Skradinski Buk, which is one of the most massive waterfall sets on the river.

Krka National Park photo
Photo by Sergiu Bacioiu

Boardwalks allow you to enjoy views of the turbulent river, so you can experience the same excitement as Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I who was here “few” years ago. You can also take one hour long tour around Skradinski buk, then bathe under the main waterfall.

Very popular is also a boat riding. You shouldn’t miss a visit to Lake Visovac in the middle of which is a picturesque island with a beautiful monastery. It was founded by Franciscan monks in the 15th century and several monks are still staying here.

Although it is a popular place especially to believers, it is accessible to the public where you can see the collection of liturgical and religious subjects. The cruise can be extended up to Roški slap waterfall, which, together with Skradinski buk represents one of the most beautiful places in the national park.

If you find out that you already know some of the places in the national park, do not be surprised. The place, together with other National Parks of Paklenica and Plitvica Lakes, was used for filming a popular western series about Winnetou.

During peak season, the park entrance fee is around 95,-HRK/13,-EUR for adults, during the low season it is 30,-HRK/4,-EUR. Price includes shipping to Skradinski waterfall and a show of historic mills with ethnographic collection.


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