La Cave de L’Ange Gardien – taste great French wines

La Cave de L’Ange Gardien translates to the Guardian Angel’s Cavern, who’d knew a mystic name would turn out to be delightful host with an incredible selection of wines for tasting. Wine tasters stroll into the cavern, sit back and enjoy the dim light-ways. Either in groups of friends, families, heck even locals or other tourists. The cavern is favored among visitors for its vibrant-appeal and invoking a warm, nonchalance and friendly environment.

At the Guardian Angel’s Cavern, a memorable service is provided for all welcomed wine tasting refugees. The cavern invites passionate wine vat climbers to explore the flourishing tastes of great wine.

Serves as a great wine-tasting location along a near on-site vineyard, a must-see for spectating tourists bouncing around the skirts of Beaune. It is advised to carry around a baguette in case the charming and exquisite terrines and pates on display catch your well-worth pocket interests on the way.

Expect a sensational guide-through experience a by two of the most knowledgeable and savvy wine curators. Pierre & Nicole are there to assist you while increasing your understanding on the process of wine tasting. Enjoy the platonic aromas bound to arouse you. Learn to distinguish between robust or flat flavors, as you unearth the divine tastes of each winemaker bottle. An unforgettable wine-tasting experience priceless that is tagged at no-cost out of your pocket.

On near-by location a vineyard is open for exploring and admiring the beautiful sights of nature. L’Angel Guardien will pour some of that bubbly good-tasting wine into your goblet glass only then pick you up like a mirthful baby.

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Photo by YS-Photography

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