Læsø – the special island of Denmark

Læsø is the largest island in Kattegart and is located east of the Jutland peninsular of Denmark. The island is quite small at just 120km2 and is best approached by ferry from Frederikhavn.

It forms part of the Danish ‘desert belt’ which is so named because it receives a very low rainfall during the summer and a result of which is the streams and rivers can occasionally dry up.

 Læsø photo
Photo by anderssonjakob684

The island was most famous for its prevalence in the salt industry during the middle ages. The ground water is highly salty and this would be highly concentrated in ‘salt meadows’ during the long, dry summers. The high concentration of salt began to destroy woodland so extraction was subsequently banned. However, the salt meadows can still be visited as a tourist attraction and there are plenty of related activities on offer. You can even make your own salt!

The island is home to some amazing traditional music which you can tap into if you dig deeply enough. Plenty of research was undertaken in the 80s and 90s and a lot of information about the island’s traditional music has been documented.

Another interesting element of this island is the housing. A lot of houses were built on the island using primarily using seaweed. Læsø museum pays homage to these special houses and is definitely worth visiting.

If you want a quiet, calm holiday then Læsø is definitely for you. Peaceful surroundings and a low population will ensure you have a relaxing visit.

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