Larnaka – one of the oldest cities in Europe | Cyprus

Larnaka, being the third largest town on the island of Cyprus, offers a mind boggling amount to tourists and locals alike. The sea front in Larnaka is rich with restaurants offering tasty local cuisine and if you delve further into the town, it provides plenty for the keen shopper.

Being so well served with beaches, the town presents many water-based activities including paragliding, jet skiing and relaxing boat trips. If you’d rather stay on dry land, you can hire a comfortable sun bed and relax on the beach watching the world go by.

Basilica di photo
Photo by nemi1968

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Digital Impasto Painting)

Mackenzie Beach is a popular but uncrowded beach in Larnaka. In an unlikely location near the end of the runway at Larnaka airport, it is well served with restaurants and other facilities. It’s the perfect place to while away an afternoon in the sun.

If you’re tired of the beach, you could head out to spend some time horse riding on the outskirts of the town. Or perhaps you might hop onto a coach and go and explore some of the areas surrounding Larnaka. The island is small enough that you can visit most places within a day.

If you’re looking for something a little more cultured, perched on top of the Mountain of the Cross in Larnaka, you will find the Stavrovouni Monastery. It is the oldest monastery in Cyprus and offers some incredible views. Alas, women are not allowed inside the monastery but can still admire the outside of the building and the beautiful vistas.

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  1. Cypruskate


    Love your article about Larnaca. We have had many holidays to Cyprus over a 25 year period. Our family decided to move here permanently, which was 4 years ago.

    I use to work as an IT Tutor in the UK. Now I use my time creating the above site to share our family’s knowledge of Cyprus.

    1. admin Listing Owner

      Hi, thank you very much for commenting here. You are lucky that you can be there and enjoy the sun and the sea much better than in rainy UK 🙂

  2. Cypruskate

    Hi again

    My daughter has just moved back to the UK. I have just been speaking to her and apparently remnants of Hurricane Katia have been battering northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Meanwhile in Cyprus, its HOT & HUMID! Temp, still in the 30s.


    1. admin Listing Owner

      I managed to get to Sicily and stayed there for 2 months and that time was really the best in my life. The sun, sun, sun, warm sea and relax everywhere – those hot countries have some advantages against northern countries. Hopefully I will be able to get back again. Anyway, enjoy your life in Cyprus!