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The location of the Lindisfarne Castle has always been one that has attracted many tourists. It was once just a former fort and then it later evolved into the home for a wealthy Edwardian bachelor.

He sought out a quiet retreat in London and it was a very ideal location because of the surroundings and the scenery. This castle has always remained to be intriguing and inspiring to many, for the past several centuries.

Lindisfarne Castle, England, UK
Lindisfarne Castle, England, UK by matthew Hunt

The renovation of the castle was performed by Edwin Lutyens; he has performed a variety of unique arts and crafts work on the castle to get it looking the way it does this very day.

He showed off some of the original features of this castle while emphasizing it to enhance the beauty of it. Today the beauty of the castle stands out far more than it did previously as it overlooks the garden walls that surround it.

If you plan to come and visit Lindisfarne Castle, you should look at the schedule to see when would be a safe time to cross over on the ferry to see it.

There is a Tide Timetable available online which will show you when you should schedule your visit.

Lindisfarne Castle photo
Photo by Heaven`s Gate (John)

There are a few key historic facts that you don’t want to miss out on upon visiting the Lindisfarne Castle:

  • Discovering just how old the castle is
  • Exploring the 1911 plan of creating the garden by Gertrude Jekyll
  • See the internal wind indicator inside the castle; it still works today
  • The 19th century lime kilns
  • Invigorating seaside walk; explore the rock pools

Basic admission is £6.30 for adult and £3.15 for a child. The castle is managed by National Trust so you can even become a member for a year for a discounted price of &39.75 which allows you to visit numerous castles, gardens, parks and much more throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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