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During my many years of travelling around the world I often hear that such and such a place is like “stepping back in time”, and I am sure you have all heard the same thing many times as well, but if they were talking about Lindos they were telling you the truth.

The first hint is that there are no cars allowed inside the village, so your transportation options become very limited and very much old fashioned; basically you can use your legs or you can ride a don{ey. This is an important fact to keep in mind if you, or anyone travelling with you, are unable to get around comfortably without a car for whatever reason.

Lindos Greece photo
Photo by Pr Jeff Irwin

Lindos, Greece

Now that we’ve taken care of those possible hindrances, lets get down to the good stuff: what is there to do in Lindos? Well, it’s not Disneyland, but for those interested in ancient architecture the Acropolis at the peak of Lindos is a must see. The whole place is a World Heritage site, hence the no cars policy, so you can be sure this area is full of attractions for those who know what to look for.

One of the other main events in Lindos is the partying. On weekends (during June to September) you can party until the sun comes up at the many bars and clubs, and on weekdays you can still keep on going until around 4am. You may end up missing out on half of your day that you planned on seeing the sights, but those are the decisions we must make!

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Photo by Moshe Ashkenazi Photography


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