Friday, January 28 2022

Liva Akvapark is one of the biggest aquaparks in the Baltic. Anyone who loves spending time in the water would do well to visit here — there are things to entertain yourself whether you like tearing down white-knuckle chutes or placidly splashing away in the water.

There are a huge range of chutes, so the kids who like going as fast as they can, the parents who like something exciting but not too exciting and the grandparents who want to gently slide along are all well catered for.

Caribbean Wave Pool photo
Photo by Stella Blu

There are attractions such as “The Orinoco River” — where you sit in a ring and are pushed along a “river”, going indoor and outdoor — “Caribbean Wave Pool” — a pool that alternates between being calm and being ravaged by waves — and “Captain Kids Land” — a water fortress for kids to battle in like pirates — so that there’s always something new to do, and for those who prefer to drink cocktails rather than duck under the water there is the Shark Attack Zone — you can get your drink without even leaving the pool. This is all on top of bubbling jacuzzis, relaxing hydro massage beds and steamy Turkish saunas.

Liva Akvapark is based less than 10 miles out of Riga; if you are staying in Riga it is the perfect place to go for a day trip. If you wanted to make the Akvapark the main focus of your trip you can stay in Jürmala which is even closer — less than five miles away.


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