Lonely Beach Ko Chang

Lonely Beach Ko Chang is situated on the beautiful tropical Thai island of Ko Chang, and despite the name, it is anything but lonely! In fact, this gorgeous stretch of beach is the party hub of the island, and the place to be if you’re looking to mingle and party the night away with fellow backpackers and beautiful young people. If you’re a keen and adventurous traveller who enjoys the simple pleasures of the tropical island beach life, then you simply have to visit Lonely Beach in Ko Chang, Thailand!

Sunshine, blue ocean, and sand between the toes

lonely beach ko chang photo
Photo by Lina Santiago

Lonely Beach has everything you’d expect from an island paradise – a stretch of white sand perfect for sunbathing, the azure ocean for swimming and cooling off from the tropical sunshine, a view of the nearby islands, and coconut palms providing welcoming shade.

lonely beach ko chang photo
Photo by Iztok Alf Kurnik

The nearby village is full of restaurants, bars, and clubs, and there are several beach bars and beach restaurants right on the sand. The beach is not the best for snorkelling as there are few rocks and no reefs off shore, but that makes for good swimming!

lonely beach koh chang photo
Photo by Jud Rut

If you stay nearby Lonely Beach, you can walk to the beach every day, nap in the sweltering hot afternoons, and go out at night for some fun! The beach can get crowded at times, and can be rowdy, so bear this in mind if you’re after peace and quiet – you won’t get that here!

Nightlife – bars, dance clubs, parties galore!

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Photo by monica_cambodiathailand

Lonely Beach is known for it’s wild, rowdy, and friendly night-life. Tourist come to frolic together in paradise at this party hotspot, so you are sure to make some friends and have a great time! Here are some of the best bars near Lonely Beach, Ko Chang:

  • Himmel Bar – Cocktails, bucket deals, fire shows, and big parties organized throughout the season
  • Ting Tong – Fantastic music (often live sets), great cocktails, and a killer cappuccino frappe that is a must-try!
  • Margaritavilla – Great food, alcoholic drinks, and a friendly and laid-back vibe

Lonely Beach Ko Chang – Best Bungalow Accommodation

lonely beach ko chang bungalow photo
Photo by Anna (Koh Chang)

Lonely Beach Ko Chang has lots of budget accommodation, ranging from absolute basic beach huts to semi-luxury beach resorts with private pools and balconies. Check out Oasis Koh Chang and stay in one of their quirky tree house bungalows in the jungle! Lonely Beach Resort is another good budget accommodation option – comfortable bungalows with air-conditioning, TV, and hot showers, a hotel swimming pool, and friendly staff. Sea Flower Resort offers bohemian comforts and a good night’s sleep, at a good distance away from the blaring party music.

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