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Malham Cove and its Limestone Pavements will amaze you with its genuine beauty and timelessness. It is a unique natural wonder that you have to see if you are fan of the nature and its lovely caprices.

The fantastic limestone formation is located in North Yorkshire, close to the town of Malham. It looks like a huge castle from far distance, but this time it’s made from the nature. Well, some of you may say that there is nothing attractive in a plain rock, but once you see Malham Cove, you will change your opinion for sure.

The view of the cliff rising above the gorge will amaze you with its eternal grandness and beauty. The stunning valley was formed due to the melting waters of the glaciers and its powerful action during the Ice Age.

The power of all rivers and waterfalls can be easily understood when you see its unique masterpiece. The curved shapes of the cliffs and the beautiful elements of the created caves will make you speechless in front of that natural phenomenon.

The big waterfall that was formed there left pretty incredible traces that you simply have to see if you want to see some of the best English natural attractions.

It’s easy to visit Malham Cove, all you need is just time and desire. The town of Malham offers everything needed for your pleasant and trouble-free trip to the lovely region. There are many comfortable hotels, hostels and guesthouses where you can find rest and have fun after your tour of the fantastic area.

Malham Cove photo
Photo by Andrew_ww

Malham Cove view over Airedale from cliff-top, England

The astonishing limestone karsts will definitely make you tired with their beauty and steepness, but there is nothing to worry about. The delicious local cuisine and the friendly people will quickly recover and reload you with new strengths.

Well, most likely one day won’t be enough to see the whole beauty of the unique cove and its wildlife habitat, so make sure not to have so much fun in the traditional local restaurants and pubs.

In case you want to spend the whole day among the nature, then you should take advantage of the campsites located in the area. Some of them are Gordale, Malham Tarn and Riverdale.

Besides the incredible views that Malham Cove offers, there are also many other adventurous activities that you can practice in this stunning area. Of course, climbing and caving are one of them, but you can also improve your mountain bike skills because there are many mountain bike routes in the area. If you want to have fun with your kids, then Malham Safari Trail is the best place for that purpose.

Malham Cove is definitely one of the best natural wonders in Great Britain. The indescribable beauty of the Limestone Pavements hardly can be seen in other parts of the world. So, don’t miss the picturesque valley and you will see that it worth every penny spent.


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