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Perhaps one of the most popular destination hot spots in Istria is Medulin; which is home to many fine resorts. This Istrian town along the Adriatic Sea is full of potential. You can simply relax by the sea, play in the water, go hiking and so much more. There are several major sporting facilities within the city that will keep even the most avid of sports enthusiasts busy for days.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the winters in Medulin are very mild which makes visiting the city any time of year a pleasure. You will find that all of the important amenities that one needs while on vacation, can be found spread out throughout the town. From the regular classical music concert to the more than 40 gourmet restraints, you can truly get a taste of what makes Istria so unique when you choose to visit Medulin.

The town itself, as much of Istria, can be dated back to at least the Roman era where many important finds in the local area have been unearthed. However, it’s not the history that most people seek when visiting this quiet town, it is rest and relaxation. There are many different things to see and do in Medulin. You could go horseback riding, surfing, water skiing, hiking, camping and so much more. Today the city boasts accommodations for more than 15,000 visitors even though the population of the town is only a little over 1,000. Most of the residents of Medulin work in the tourist industry and the city itself has been geared towards tourism for the last two centuries.

So if you are wanting a place along the Adriatic Sea to visit that has everything you need to truly enjoy your vacation, then Medulin is most definitely the town to go to.

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