Miskolc – a thermal bath in a natural cave | Hungary

Miskolc, the fourth largest city in Hungary, is an attractive and lovely holiday destination. Main Street and City Hall Square are both very pretty and interesting to visit, filled with 19th century houses and sweet little shops.

Then, if you speak Hungarian, there’s the Ottó Herman Museum. If not, you could always take in a show at one of the modernest theaters of Central Europe – the National Theatre of Miskolc — music doesn’t need language to be appreciated.

MISKOLC cave photo
Photo by victoriginal

Miskolc-tapolca cave bath

There’s also plenty to see in Miskolc. On the Avas hill is the Protestant Church of Avas, a beautiful Gothic church that is one of the oldest in the city. There’s also an 18th century Greek Orthodox church with the largest iconostasion in Central Europe and a Protestant “Wooden Church” — a beautiful church made of wood.

One sight you must take in is the partially restored ruins of the medieval. Inside the castle are several exhibitions, archaeological findings of the old Pauline monastery and a display of medieval weapons.

Diósgyőr castle photo
Photo by wercsy

Castle of Diósgyőr

There are also two waxwork displays, one of Diósgyőr in the Middle Ages and one of King Louis the Great and the envoy from Venice. They are the largest historical waxworks in Central Europe.

But all you need to do is hop on a bus to experience the cave bath in Miskolctapolca — a thermal bath in a natural cave. Once you’ve come out of the bath there is a nearby large park with a boating lake to relax in and a chapel in a small natural cave to see. You can also visit Akropolis, an adventure park for kids.

MISKOLC cave photo
Photo by Hungarian Snow

Miskolctapolca cave bath, Hungary

Miskolc is also the first city in Hungary that held the rock-festival already in 1973. It is also the place of the only Meat Jelly Festival in the world which is the biggest open air festival of winter in Hungary.

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