Mljet Island

To get to Mljet Island, you only need a boat ride for a number of hours. The boat ride is towards the east when you are from Island of Korcula, and towards Dubrovik. The Mljet national park comprises of a western part belonging to this tranquil and green island, belonging to the Adriatic coast. This park features two deep bays that people call lakes owing to the narrow passages that head towards the open sea. The two lakes are have the surrounding as the dense Mediterranean vegetation. One of these lakes has a tiny island referred to as Melita and this island has a Benedictine monastery that dates back to 12th century. This island is connected to a lot of legend. Among them is the Mljet which acted as the holiday destination of the Greek hero Ulysses.

The MlJet national park has a rich history and its establishment dates back to the last century’s and in the early sixties to be specific. the park covers about 30 sq KM of an area that is situated on the island’s western bit. this about a third of the island. this comprises of two salt lakes that are natural whose interconnection is a narrow channel. the large lake called the Veliko Jezero covers 1.5 sq Km. the smaller lake, Malo jezero covers around ¼ Km. the water’s salinity in the lakes is lower when compared to that of the sea owing to intake of waters that are fresh. The lake’s temperature tends to be higher than that of the open sea by about four degrees centigrade.

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Owing to the above information, the two lakes enjoy a wide popularity among visitors that have the intention of swimming. The lakes have their surrounding as a pine forest that is dense and old. At the large lakes mid area, there is an island that is little in size and is called Melita and that is where Benedictine monastery is situated.

There are a number of features that you cannot afford to explore when you get to this park. One of them is the Saplunara Beach and bay which is unusual in nature, and is situated on the islands southeast end. The bay is longish and with a shape that is exceptional, and has two sandy beaches too.

To get to this national park, there is a fee to be paid. The entrance fee may be waived of when you get to it via an excursion whose organizer is a travel agency. To avoid problems when you get here, it is advisable for you to make proper enquiries about the fee before you leave home.

For you to get to this island, by road, there only one that can get you there and it connects the island to many cities that are near. Being a main road, it is paved although it condition can only be described as fair. the normal speed limit is 40 kph. most of the length comprises of long downhill or uphill. When you are not using a car, renting a car is a good option.

Photo by njaminjami

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