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Momjan, like many of the towns in beautiful Istria, is situated upon a hill which makes the views of the surrounding countryside much more pleasant. It is a city of romance which has been crucial in the inspiration of a number of important works of Victorian literature.

It is also well known by many wine connoisseurs. Because of it being the home to many fine wines. The growth of the city can be attributed to its wine industry which thanks to the microclimate of the region makes the surrounding hillsides the perfect place for vineyards.

Vineyards around Momjan photo
Photo by Tim Ertl

Vineyards around Momjan, Istria, Croatia

The medieval architecture which can be found throughout Momjan is just one of the many reasons why countless individuals make their way to the city every year. In the lower portion of the city, one can find the 15th century Church of Saint Martin while in the upper portion of the city, you can find the 13th century castle. The castle, which was built upon a bluff overlooking the city, has been responsible for protecting the inhabitants for centuries.

The history of Momjan can actually be dated back to prehistoric times in which a fort existed throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages. During the Roman times, it was called Castrum Mammilianum and served as stronghold in the region. The first time Momjan was recorded was back in 1035, shortly after the arrival of the Franks in the area. The castle which stands today was built in 1234 and featured 4 towers and a drawbridge; of which only one of the towers still stands today.

In the center of the city, you can find a number of homes dating back to the 17th century, the Church of St. Martin which was built in the 15th century as well as several other churches built in the centuries that followed.


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