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Muncaster Castle is a historic castle that people still live in this very day. The castle is located at the western part of Lake District National Park. There are a variety of different functions that are held here at this castle including private parties, weddings, and more!

Whether you are celebrating an event or you are stopping by just to tour the premises, the Muncaster Castle is definitely a place that you’ll never forget.

The Pennington family will be able to tell you more about the history of the castle whenever you pay a visit. They know everything that there is to know about the castle because the family has lived there since 1208; so the castle has been passed down from several generations.

The castle has a story that pertains to the reason for it being haunted. It starts off with the discussion of Tom Fool who was also known as Tom Skelton. He was the jester of the castle during the 16th century.

Muncaster Castle photo
Photo by tedesco57

Muncaster Castle, Cumbria, England

The Western Lake District is a popular location that people often love to visit when they come to the castle; there are several lakes nearby and therefore it is a very popular tourist attraction.

If you are unable to make it out to the castle’s site, you can still visit the online gift store to purchase souvenirs of the castle.

Muncaster Castle photo
Photo by Karls Kamera

Are you into ghost stories? Muncaster Castle is known to be one of the most haunted buildings in the UK. Since 1992 there have been scientists that have been researching the ghosts in the castle. There have been some strange things that have happened there.

The basic adult admission to the Castle, its Gardens, Owl Centre & Maze is £12 and is open all year round.


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