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The Müritz National Park is located just east of Lake Muritz. Lake Muritz is known to be the largest lake in Mecklenburg in northeastern Germany. There are several different footpaths; some long and some short that take tourists and those that don’t live too far away from the lake on walk to view the area.

Here you will be able to see the beech forests and about 130 lakes in that national park; that’s really a lot of lakes to see in one national park!

The view that visitors will get when they visit Muritz National Park is a place that was created by the ice age. The grounds are known to be grounds where endangered species would breed; such as a variety of different birds. The trails and footpaths there give the visitors lots of adventure and lots of things to see. The birds are noticed right away as there are so many different types of them there. The two largest types of birds that you will find taking over the land at the Muritz National Park are the Cranes and the Ospreys.

Located in the Eastern part of Muritz you will find different observation towers that can be climbed so that you can see the wildlife at a closer view. These observation towers were designed during the years 1969 and 1980’s to watch of the Swedish Fjallrinder cattle and the Gotland sheep.

Photo by Sandra Bartocha

There are several different tours that are scheduled for different areas of Muritz National Park. Visitors can choose one according to what they think they might be most interested in seeing.

Some other places to visit

  • Heinrich Schliemann Museum
  • Waren; steamboat tours
  • Osprey pairs in Federow

For other exploration activities you can walk, take a canoe boat, or ride a bike throughout the lands. Mecklenburg has a service where people are able to take bikes on a boat so that they can ride them where ever they get off at.

Where to stay

Hotel Harmonie

Hotel Harmonie is a hotel that is known to be a historic building. The building was once used as a private school. Located in Waren, Germany it is one of the most common places for tourists to stay when they are visiting Muritz National Park.

Many of the rooms in the hotel offer a very beautiful view of lake Muritzee. If you are in a room on the western side of the building then you will be able to see lake Herrensee from your windows. It is a great starting location to hike or ride a bike to Muritz National Park.

Haus Kim

At Haus Kim you have the option of renting an apartment room, hotel room, or a suite. The parking for residents and tourists is free. From this hotel it takes about 1 minute to walk to lake Muritz or to Waren’s Marina. There are also several different restaurants located within walking distance of this hotel.

If you don’t already have a bike then you can rent one from Haus Kim. The free parking covers both bikes and vehicles.

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