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It’s not hard to see why Myrtos Beach has been featured prominently in many movies over the years, and if you ever get to visit this place you will definitely be tempted to make your own little slice of film history.

So bring your cameras, but don’t forget to take in the beauty of the area with your own eyes… it seems like a weird recommendation to make but I have seen too many tourists lately who walk around with their camera stuck to their face!

Myrtos Beach photo
Photo by :: Artie | Photography :: Merry Xmas !

Myrtos Beach, Greece

So anyway, Myrtos Beach is also one of the most photographed beaches on the planet so rest assured that you won’t have trouble finding beautiful shots online that will probably make you want to order your trip right now.

Surprisingly enough though, Myrtos Beach does not have very many tourist facilities or even many places to get a bite to eat, so you should keep that in mind and at least bring a few drinks and snacks to keep you going. You’ll be distracted by the tall cliffs and famously blue waters for a while, but you’re still going to get hungry if you stay here for a while!

There are no bus stops within walking distance so you’ll need to organize a car or tour group for the day. It is not a very long beach, relatively speaking, and the waters are not the best for swimming as the steep drop off encourages wild undertows at times, but there is still plenty to see here so don’t overlook this beach on those factors alone.

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Photo by ysatis


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