Palace of Versailles – one of the French symbols

Palace of Versailles (Chateau de Versailles) is among the buildings that enjoy most recognition, globally, and it has been utilized as the site for many historical events. It was started in the 17th century by Louis XIV, and the construction did not stop until towards the end of the 18th century.

Other that the Chateau, this estate has two smaller features, 2 thousand acres of grounds, 50 fountains, about 3 thousand furniture pieces, works of art, and a Grand Canal. This explains why it can take you days to explore the entire estate.

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Palace of Versailles, France

Palace of Versailles can be described as a structure that is massive, and can take the whole day to sightsee. When you get here, ensure that you tour Grand appartement du roi because it is the one that was used as the bedchamber for the King, the Battle gallery, the Chapel Royal, as well as the Grand apartment. This apartment is presented in the state that Marie Antoinette left it in 1789.

Cabinets belonging to the Queen and those of the King provided the royal family with a place for relaxing and where they could carry out personal activities.

In addition to being an amazing site, Hall of Mirrors is significant in history. It is the place where the treaty of Versailles was signed by Germany in 1919, marking the end of World War I.

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Hall of Mirrors, Versailles

When reach here, you cannot resist exploring the grounds. The grounds that surround the Palace measure about 2,000 acres. They are full of gardens, pools, fountains, a grand canal, and groves.

Visitors are allowed to stroll through these formal gardens, and fruit groves. They also get the chance to view flowers that exceed 200,000 in number. These flowers are replanted each year.

If you want to enjoy Palace of Versailles, you must dine at Versailles. Although you will experience the same kind of joy that you would if you were to dine as the king’s guest, Versailles presents with several dining options.

Throughout this state, you will come across refreshment stands, cafes, and juice bars where you can have light drinks and snacks.

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Brasserie de la Girandole is the best option when you need to eat something which is more substantial, and its location is within the gardens. La Petite Venise Brasserie, and La Flottille are cafés that are located close to the Grand Canal.

These restaurants give you an opportunity to have the canal’s wonderful view, and they also serve wonderful meals.

To ensure that you do not have problems while at this estate, there are a number of tips and warnings that you need to pay attention to. For example, you can avoid long walks by riding the mini train in the place between the Trianons, and Palace.

The admission fee that you pay is determined by whether the tour is guided, or independent. The sections that you visit within the estate also matter. Saturdays, Thursdays, or Wednesdays are the best days if you want to avoid the long lines.

Palace of Versailles is situated at the borders with Paris, so if you are here in the most visited city in the world, reserve one day for this estate.

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