Royal Palace of Brussels – the official residence of Belgium’s royalty

Whilst the royals have lived outside Brussels since 1935, the Royal Palace of Brussels is still the King’s official residence there.

Nowadays it fulfils, more than anything, the role of his office; if the flag is flying high, it means the King is there.

Royal Palace of Brussels photo
Photo by Imran’s

The Royal Palace from the northeastern corner

Whilst the Royal Palace of Brussels may not have a lot to actually do it’s certainly worth a trip; the building itself is utterly magnificent.

As far as sightseeing goes, you’d be hard pressed to find much better in Brussels. Although the place has huge historical significance for the country, it is also an incredibly beautiful place to see.

Palais du Roi in Brussels photo
Photo by leosoueu

Palais du Roi in Brussels, Belgium

The front was rebuilt in 1904 by King Leopold II; it is now in a stunning Louis 14th style.

Inside the Royal Palace of Brussels there is a small museum about the history of Belgian royalty. But the best thing is to simply walk around and soak up the opulent beauty of the palace.

You can freely stroll around the rooms, corridors and staircases of the Royal Palace, admiring the priceless collections of art and the decorations that come from all continents and all periods.

Once you’ve finished with the Royal Palace, take a walk to the park opposite; the Parc de Brussels is astoundingly beautiful.

Parc de Bruxelles photo
Photo by DanielVanLauwe

Parc de Bruxelles, Belgium

It was originally a hunting ground for Dukes, turned into a beautiful park for the public to enjoy.

Laid out in formal French style, there are classical statues scattered between the lush trees. You can also find a small cafe situated there.

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