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Pazin is a proud city which is rich in history that can be dated back to ancient times. The first records of the city can be dated back to 983 in which Pazin existed as a castle. However, long before the castle was ever built, the city existed as a settlement that played an important role in the trade of the region.

The city was built on top of steep bluffs that have led to many a legend and story of the past. The castle itself is considered to be perhaps the best preserved in all of Istria. Today, the Pazin Castle is a museum which is home to many important artefacts from the long history of the city. If you ever plan on visiting Pazin, then you have to stop by and check out the castle before you leave.

Pazin photo
Photo by Ranger78

Pazin, Istria, Croatia

The surrounding countryside is nothing less than the most awe inspiring of the region. Featuring many a waterfall, this quaint village has been the source of inspiration for many literary greats throughout history. Nearby, one can find the Pazin Cave which is a natural wonder in itself and boasts a number of underground lakes that have stumped speleologists for years.

The only time the city has ever been taken was by the Venetians back in 1508; but their rule did not last long for the castle was to be retaken back shortly afterwards. This was considered to be one of the most violent attacks against the city. The city was crucial in many wars which plagued the region for centuries.

Every year, Pazin is home to a number of major events in the region which includes Jules Verne Days. The Pazin caves were also the main inspiration for Jules Verne’s when he was writing his novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth.


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