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Parks are many in the UK; all have special glamour of their own but the Peak District National Park is absolutely different, it has a special identity of its own basically for great diversity.

The park is divided in three sections, one of them is the Dark Peak in the northern side, the other one is the White Peak in the southern side filled with corals and many marine creatures turned into fossils and in the south west section you are sure to be amazed to notice the woods, moors and valleys.

Peak District National Park photo
Photo by Paul Newcombe

Peak District National Park, UK

Regarded as the first national park in the UK the Peak District National Park, established in the year 1951 is the heart throb of those people who want to take refuge on the lap of diverse nature.

About the park

The park lying amid scattered millstones is regarded as the second widely visited park in the world next to Mount Fuji National Park of Japan.

About 10 million tourists throng here each year. The park covers an area of 1,440 square kilometers and though there is the word peak associated with the park you are sure not to locate any in the park.

The highest point is Kinder Scout boasting a height of 636 metres.

You can reach the park by train from different corners. Even buses ply regularly to carry the visitors there.

Special activities

The moment you are in the Peak District National Park you are sure to be allured by varieties of attractions.

If you want to enjoy nature you can do so after your heart’s content. If you want to take part in any mind blowing jocund activity you are always welcome to take part in it.


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