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Once you set foot on the soil of England you are sure to be elated to have a glimpse of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in North Wales. The Park came into being in the year 1952 and it was named so for its fantastic coastline.

Surrounded with rugged cliffs, golden beaches, woods and hills the park has a spectacular view of its own. It covers an area of 629 square kilometres and is distinctly divided in four sections.

The total park does not rest on the sea coast. There are marshes and dense forests in the park to add grace to its glamour.

Within the Park

The moment you enter the park two pillars of lime stones, the Stack Rocks will welcome you.

Gradually you can take a look at the landscape stretched beyond the horizon cutting through wooded valleys. Go a far and you are amazed to see the ripples dancing in glee on the Bosherton Lakes.

Move further and reach the tourist resorts of Saundersfoot and Tenby. Spend some hours there and keep yourself away from the clatter of the outside world.

The coastal destination

If water swells your heart you must visit the Milford Haven, the notable waterway where you can visit the world famous deep water harbour Daugleddau.

In the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park there are several areas that are strictly conserved by the Park authority.

Besides, there are 75 spectacular sites specific for scientific interests. In the year 2011 the Park was voted as the ‘best coastal destination’ by National Geographic Magazine.


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