Picton Castle

Picton Castle is a castle that was built close by to Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire Wales. It was originally built in the 13th century by Sir John Wogan and is still owned by the relatives.

The gardens and estates at Piston Castle used to be a part of Manor of Wiston. It was later considered replacement for the Wiston castle during the 13th century. After Piston Castle was built it took on the title of a motte castle. The construction of the castle consists of stone; and it was built by the Wogan family. The castle was later seized by the French troops in 1405 and then later again in 1645 during the English Civil War by Parliamentary groups.

In the 1490’s the Picton Castle became a residence of the Phillips family, by Sir Thomas ap Philip of Cilsant, and Jane, the daughter of Sir Henry Dwnn. Later on in the 15th century Sir John Philips inherited the castle. When he inherited it, he started right away on doing some remodeling work to it. One of the first things that he did was create a new entrance which remained on the castle until about the 1920s. By then, Thomas Rowlands had taken over with some ideas of his own for renovating the castle or building on to it.

Picton Castle remained a main residence for the Phillips family until Lord Milford passed away in 1823. After this, a cousin of the family by the name of Richard Grant, inherited the castle once he agreed to the surname of Philipps.

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