Pieniny National Park – natural treasure of Slovakia and Poland

Although Pieniny National Park may be the smallest of the national parks in Slovakia, this in no way diminishes its sheer beauty and idyllic yet rugged landscape.

The second oldest national park in Slovakia, Pieniny closely borders Poland and also has the majestic Dunajec River passing through. Each year a number of people come to visit this park, renting a raft to travel down and admire its beauty.

Dunajec river photo
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Dunajec river, Pieniny National Park, Slovakia

Pieniny National Park was first established on January 16, 1957 and was 21 square kilometers in size. The forests in this park make up a total of nine square kilometers, and the rest is a combination of green meadows, fields, and pastures.

This type of unique landscape is representative of the entire Zamagurie region. There are a number of rare plant species which can be found throughout the park, as well as over 700 different species of butterfly. There are nearly 100 species of mollusks and over 200 species of vertebrae.

Pieniny National Park photo
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Pieniny National Park, – view from Poland to Slovakia

One of the most noteworthy attractions of this particular national park is Trzy Korony, which is the name given to the summit of the mountains in Pieniny, located on the Polish side of the park.

Those who take a raft down the Dunajec River can see the peak of these breathtaking mountains, though there are many people who travel to this park in order to climb up them to the very top.

These majestic mountains are built from limestone and truly complete the picturesque look which has attracted so many visitors from all over the world. Although Trzy Korony is not the tallest mountain in all of Pieniny, it is certainly an amazing sight to see in the area.

There are numerous points of access for those who wish to visit this park, including Stara Lubovna, Spisska Stara Ves, and Cerveny Klastor. You can also visit another park that is nearby – High Tatras National Park.

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