Podgorica – commercial and cultural centre of Montenegro

The modern capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, is becoming increasingly popular as a travel destination for people all over Europe and the wider world. A beautiful and fascinating city in a country with a rich and interesting history, Podgorica offers tourists plenty to see, do and experience.

If you are interested in art, Podgorica has several galleries offering world class collections, the most notable of which is found in Petrovic’s Castle (Dvorac Petrovica), which you will find at the centre of the large, peaceful public park at the heart of the city.

Photo by Eva Mijalkovic

Podgorica Cathedral, Montenegro

The gallery at St Nichola’s Castle is also well worth a look, housing over 1500 pieces it was converted into its current gallery for in the eighties, so as well as the artwork itself you can have a look around the castle’s splendid architecture.

Popular landmarks which can be found easily within the centre of Podgorica include the Montenegrin National Theatre (where you may also be able to see a play, ballet or opera), the ultra modern ProMonte building, and the impressive Millennium Bridge.

Museums are scattered all over the city, showcasing its rich heritage and allowing visitors to learn more about Montenegro, from both a folk history and military perspective.

Podgorica’s river banks offer a lovely place to relax, enjoy local coffee in the many cosmopolitan cafes, or watch a beautiful sunset in the evening. For other fun entertainment, check out Herzegovina Street, a very European high street with excellent boutique shopping and lively bars and restaurants.

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