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Pula is known to be the largest town located in the Istrian peninsula. There is a diverse variety of attractions that many people are able to see when they visit the city. The Roman amphitheatre is where the richest part of the Pula history lies; with every footstep that you take on the grounds you are stepping onto a historic landmark.

Many people love to enjoy their day along the 190 kilometers of coastline where they can walk the variety ov different surfaces which consists of sand smooth stone. If you are a family with young children the coastline is the place to be; it is a place that everyone is certain to enjoy. There are even some secluded beaches for tourists that want to have some privacy.

As you stroll through the town of Pula you will experience many moments of relaxation and bliss. The town square continues to maintain its role of being a meeting place and a place of where many of the similar events occur during daily life even though it exists in a different century. You will be able to observe numerous different architectural monuments.

The main town square is a place that was built and has been in existence since the Augustan Era.
There are plenty of things to do while you are there, as mentioned before, and we are going to get into a further discussion about some of the places that you can visit while you are there.


The Amphiteatre, mentioned earlier in this article is known to be one of the most historical places in the town of Pula. If you happen to schedule a tour through the town, you can count on the ending point being the Amphiteatre. The monument was built in the 1st century so it is very old. The setting was once a place where gladiator fights took place.

Austrian Architecture

During the time that the Arsenal was founded is when an intensive building period took place in Pula. There were many constructions of buildings being worked on throughout the town. The Naval hospital and cemetery include two projects that were worked on as well as the Marine Casino and residential buildings for civil servants and officers.


At the top of the central hill that is located in the city sits a castle that is shaped like a star; it was built in 1630.

About Istrian Dinosaurs

About 140 million years ago there were dinosaurs that walked across the Istrian peninsula. It was during the time that many of the land masses were separated and started to form continents.

The dinosaurs were firs discovered by Adolf Bachofen-Echt in 1934 who found footprints for the dinosaurs near Cape Ploce on Veli Brijun.

Over the next decades even more footprints of the dinosaurs’ existence was discovered. Some of the other sites where the dinosaurs were found included Cape Barbana and Cape Peneda. There were plenty of other locations where signs of dinosaurs’ existence were found as well.

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