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While many cities, towns and villages across the Istrian peninsula can be dated back to the prehistoric era, only Pula is known as the oldest of such sites. In a cave, just outside of town, the human remains of a prehistoric settler in the area were uncovered. These remains have been successfully dated back to the Isnan period of the late Paleolithic Era; some 12,300 years ago.

After the arrival of the Franks, Pula became the center of many battles as the city-states feuded with one another to achieve dominance. These conflicts continued on until the arrival of the Venetians during the 12th century. The control over Pula would continue until 1991 when it was finally placed under Croatian rule.

You will find that there are many places to visit in Pula including the amphitheater, the Temple of Augustus and even the Golden Gate. Most of these places have been around for thousands of years and today are well-preserved. There are several churches and towers located throughout the city whose walls are still intact in many places. But let’s not forget that there is also the castle which was built back in 1630.

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