Friday, January 28 2022

The city of Rabac is known today as a popular tourist destination on the Istrian peninsula but it hasn’t always been that way. Rabac, like most of Istria was inhabited back in prehistoric times and many great artifacts and ruins have been uncovered all over the place. While there is a long and colorful history that surrounds this ancient city, most visitors today simply want to sit back and relax along the sea.

It was back in 1889 when the very first hotel was to open in Rabac. Known as the Quarnaro, the city’s first hotel only offered a few rooms and a tavern on the first level. Today the hotel has long since vanished from the skyline and in its place rose a larger, more exquisite resort.

The biggest increases in tourism in Rabac did not actually occur until the 1960s. Because of the natural beauty which surrounds the town, more and more resort began to be constructed as demand called for it. Today, this quaint little city has the ability to accommodate more than 12,000 visitors per day.

Rabac is located on the eastern part of the Istrian peninsula. It is one of the more popular summer resort locations on the peninsula. Just outside of town, one will find a hill on which is nestled the ancient town of Labin. There are a number of old ruins to view and artifacts to see in and around the area. From the beaches to the hills and plains that surround Rabac, there is always something to do when one wants to keep busy and plenty of places to just sit back when one only wishes to rest and relax. Experience all that Rabac has to offer you by viewing the sites and enjoying the local cuisine and many locally made wines.

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