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Rochester Castle is one of the first built of stone palaces in England. It is high about 40 meters and that fact ranks the castle among the highest medieval fortresses in Britain.

You can visit the Rochester Castle if you are in county of Kent, close to Rochester Town. The massive structure of the castle is considered as one of the best preserved and best samples of Norman architectural style in England.

The strategic location of the castle made it really important to all its rulers during the centuries. It managed to retain its importance not even during the Roman times but also and during the Middle Age.

One of the best architects of William the Conquer, the bishop Gundulf, began to build the castle which we can see today.

Rochester Castle photo
Photo by TerryR52

He used the Roman stone walls in the construction, so you can be sure that the history of the amazing fortification is really rich and attractive.

Another interesting fact about Rochester Castle is that it was partly destroyed by King George during his attempts to conquer the castle.

Therefore, if you are watchful, then you will see a slight difference in the south-east tower, the part of the castle which he tried to undermine in order to get inside the powerful building.

Nowadays, Rochester Castle offers many lovely views to the surrounding area from its towers.

Unfortunately, the amazing medieval interior is not preserved, but just one short walk will give you the general idea about how unique and incredible all the halls and rooms in the castle were.

Visit it if you plan a trip to Kent and you will also see the famous Rochester Cathedral and other attractions in the region.


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