Rockfeller Center: a luxury labyrinth of amenities

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If you have the chance to visit New York, you have to find the time to go and check the Rockfeller Center in Midtown Manhattan. It is one of the most famous landmarks of the city, and gives a complete offer of things to do. It is a complex of 19 commercial buildings, across the 48th and the 51st street, between the 5th and the 6th avenues. Restaurants, shops, attractions and many other things to do: Rockfeller Center is able to satisfy all tastes!

The complex has been realized by the Rockfeller family, and is nowadays one of the biggest attractions of the Big Apple. 30 Rockfeller Center is the main destination of the complex, where you can find the NBC studios, the delicious Magnolia Bakery and the observatory of the Top Of The Rock. You can reach it directly by subway or walking to the principal entrance near the Rockfeller Plaza.

Top Of The Rock 

Top Of the Rock is the most visited part of the Rockfeller Center, and consists of a observatory located at the 70th floor of the building. From the top roof you can have a magnificent 360° view of New York, and admire the city from different perspectives. The entrance fee is around 30 USD and it is open from 8am to 12am. The weather conditions are very important in this attraction, since the visibility depends on the cloudiness of the sky. But don’t worry if you buy your ticket on a wrong weather day! The staff is very kind and dedicated, letting you change your entry hour in order to have a better view. You won’t waste your money in any case! Getting on top is very easy. There is a elevator that brings up groups of people in only 46 seconds time. From the top floor you have then two other levels that you can reach by stairs. The view is really amazing. Just up to you deciding if you prefer the day light or the night atmosphere.

After having admired New York for a while, you can go back to the ground floor and relax a bit having a coffee or doing some shopping. The basement is in fact full of restaurants and shops, for example restaurants where you can go for lunch or the souvenir shop of the attraction where you can do some shopping. But you can also enjoy a quick visit to the NBC studios. There is really plenty to do for everybody!

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Christmas time

Rockfeller center is also famous for his Christmas time amenities. The lightning up of the Christmas tree at Rockfeller Plaza is famous all over the world. Next to the tree, on winter time you can also find a special ice rink, where people can go skating and having a good time with family and friends. It is New Yorkers’ tradition to go there on Christmas day to spend time with family and chill in a fun and relaxed way. It is a must do on Christmas period!

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Christmas is for sure the best period to enjoy the offer at the Rockfeller Center, but it is worth it to go no matter the season you are visiting New York. Rockfeller Center is really something unique: a masterpiece of architecture and luxury style!

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