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The Salisbury Cathedral has inspired peace and beauty and can be seen to be one of Britain’s finest medieval cathedrals. The cathedral has eight acres of lawn that surrounds historical buildings and museums. This cathedral is unique because it was built entirely on one architectural design.

The tallest spire in Britain was added on from later generation and within the cathedral there is over 800 years of history showcased inside. In 2008 the Cathedral celebrated its 750th anniversary. The Salisbury Cathedral is formally known as the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and can be considered as some of the leading examples of the early English architecture.

Between the years 1220 to 1258 the main body took about 38 years to complete and has been known to be the tallest church spire in the United Kingdom. One of the amazing features about the Salisbury Cathedral that visitors can take the tower tour and view ancient wood and the interior of the hollow spire. Located in the cathedral is also the world’s oldest clock that is still working.

Salisbury Cathedral photo
Photo by sean@bradford

The legend behind the Cathedral includes that Bishop of Old Sarum shot an arrow in the direction and then he went on to build the cathedral and when the arrow was shot it hit a deer and the place where the deer was shot is now known as the location of the Salisbury Cathedral.

The foundation of the stone was laid on April 28th, 1220. The Salisbury clock has been dated back to AD 1386, the clock doesn’t even have a face because all the clocks that were dated in that range all rang out on the hours on the bell. The Cathedral is also known to have a lot of famous paintings by John Constable and within the two centuries passing by the paintings have changed very little, and the cathedral went on to become the setting of a 2005 BBC drama television series called Mr. Harvey Lights a Candle.


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