Saxon Switzerland National Park – 38,000 sandstones created along the Elbe River

Saxon Switzerland National Park is a park that is located in the Eastern part of Germany. It is south-east of Dresden and is responsible for protecting more than 38,000 sandstones created along the Elbe River. This Elbe stone took over 100 million years to create.

There are different areas of the park that visitors will notice lots of erosion that took place. The erosion occurred during the Cretaceous times which makes this a very historical and unforgettable experience for those that visit here. Here is a summary list of the different types of land creations you will see:

  • Sandstone cliffs
  • Carved deep valleys
  • Gorges
  • Table mountains

The landscape is the most unique one in Europe; there is no other landscape in central Europe quite like this one.

The flora and fauna here are very diverse and many people are in awe of the sight of it. If you keep an eye out for the diversity of mammals that reside there, you might be able to catch a glimpse of a rare endangered species. One of the rarest species that you might see while you are there is the Eagle owl. Another is the otter, and the door mouse.

Lichens, ferns, and moss are a part of the eco-system as well. For those that are dare devils, rock climbing is among one of the most popular things to do while there. When you rock climb and reach the top of your destination you will be able to have a beautiful view of Saxon Switzerland. If rock climbing isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways that you can enjoy your time while you are at the national park. You can pay a fee to ride on a row boat, or you can go on a boat excursion to view scenery throughout the national park.

Places to go nearby

  • Flossersteig Catle
  • Konigstein Fortress
  • Bad Schandau Museum
  • Saxon Switzerland National Park Centre
  • Felsenbuhne Rathen outdoor theatre

Other activities

Take walks through the national park with a park ranger. You can ride as a passenger or row yourself through the river rides; it’s up to you. For those that are on a honey moon or taking a couples’ vacation you can take a romance tour on the Elbe River and ride on one of the oldest paddle steamer boats in the world. Last but not least, you might be interested in visiting the Lichtenhain waterfall.

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