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There is something majestic about choosing to visit the town of Sesimbra. Having been inhabited since prehistoric times, there is a lot of history to be discovered in and around the city today. From the Celts, to the Romans, the Visigoths and finally the Moors before becoming part of the Portuguese kingdom, there are many great sites to explore all throughout the region.

The city of Sesimbra is a popular tourist destination. Some people come to relax on the shores of the golden beaches while others come for the rich cultural experience. Still, many people like the city because of its sport fishing; you can go head out to sea on a chartered boat and come home with the finest swordfish specimens possible.

Sesimbra played a crucial role throughout the Age of Discovery. Many important explorers departed from the city’s harbor. For a short time, king Manuel I called the city his home and in the 18th century, Sesimbra was used as a seaside retreat by a number of Portuguese kings.

There are many castles in and around the city. You will find on top of a nearby mountain, the 12th century Moorish castle which offers some of the finest views of the harbor and countryside which surrounds it. You will even find the 17th century Fortaleza de Santiago situated along the along the beach.

There are also several churches to see in Sesimbra. There is the 13th century Nossa Senhora do Castelo can be found situated right beside the Moorish castle. And there is also the present church in the town that was built back in 1721.

For the most part, visitors to this portside town come to rest and relax along the golden beaches. There are many great places to stay in town and a number of excellent restaurants to choose from too. You will get some much needed rest and relaxation in this quiet portside town.

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